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JKAmovies's News

Posted by JKAmovies - September 8th, 2013

Boy has it been a while now... To those (if any) who know or remember me I thought it would be courteous to express my reasoning behind my sudden inactivity as of a year or so ago now...

Mainly, in regards to NDC (Notepad Drawing Collab)... I started that little project when I was in year 9 and about 16 years old. I started that and loved the fact of helping unknown artists get known through a collaborative Flash game... I liked it so much I did it 2 years after. However, the final NDC I started one and a half years back; I had very high hopes for, so much I actually started learning 3D animation as I wanted to make it a HUGE collaboration... But, in the end, I had only around 23 submissions... Barely enough to create a whole Flash game... Despite that fact though, I still wanted to finish it. By the point where I actually started coding, animating and designing the collab (I think I got about half of it all finished), year 12 (my final year of schooling) began and I found fast approaching an intensity of assignment school work. Ontop of that I was working hard with a fellow coder making a game. This game was one of the, if not the biggest Flash project I had ever worked on (I think I made a NG post about it a while ago). It was nearing about 90% completion and (literally) a whole years work when the coder decided on a big, spontaneous 'NO' on finishing. That was it for him and he did not see the point finishing. This was the first time I was actually excited about finishing a game with a coder after failing 3 other times with other coders. I think in someway, psychologically, it pushed me to a point where I felt I was somewhat not good enough to animate and draw... After that I literally just stopped and my inactivity with animation and NG went on it's way to nothing. From that point it only got worse with some very close family members passing, friendship and social life changing and personal depression along to overcome while dealing with a 24/7 workload in school. It was an unsettling time of my life and took a toll on my persistence for animating on Newgrounds.

By the end of year 12 I had got my drivers license, bought a car, started my own business, as well as started a proper casual position at work and, mainly... Started university. I am now 18 (almost 19) years old, and am studying architectural design... For those who remember me, I would have probably been that little 16 year old who could draw and animate alright and liked making and joining collabs, aha! ;p

I feel sad that I left this behind... I barely ever draw anymore (apart from architecture), little alone EVER animate either. I was looking through my old "NG - Animation & Art" folder on my computer the other day and felt a deep saddening that I left all of that behind. Within that folder I found that I had around 4 game ideas, all already half animated and drawn as well as copious amounts of half finished drawings just sitting in old digital dust on my PC... I would like to start again, maybe finish some of those old files and games but I just dawn I ever will find the time to.

Anywho... I guess the main reason behind this post is to produce an explanation for those who wondered where I disappeared to after being so overly active on Newgrounds, why the final NDC never reached completion and pretty much just to say, I miss Newgrounds and animating :'(

Posted by JKAmovies - July 29th, 2011

The Notepad Drawing Collab is still in progress and there are plenty of room left. So please give it a look at the Official Thread Page.

I will also be on the lookout for a voice actor and a musician so, if you are interested PM me some example work and we can work from there. Thanks ~JKA

NDC: 2011 - Voice Acting, Music & Art:

Posted by JKAmovies - June 6th, 2011

NDC: 2011 is up and ready for participants to join. Go visit the NDC: 2011 Art Collab thread for information, discussions and posting work.

I am open for suggestions so do not be shy to offer your assistance ~JKA

Posted by JKAmovies - April 28th, 2011

Nayhan and I are making a game... For Pico Day... That is all.

Oh! And yes, that is indeed a duck.

Day Pico:

Posted by JKAmovies - April 21st, 2011

This year marks the fourth year of the Notepad Drawing Collab series (see below for links) and I am looking at trying something new, innovative, fun and that involves every viewer. What best way to do such by asking the community in which will be viewing the collab.

So I ask you, what is it that YOU personally would want to see, do and have in this years NDC? Be creative and don't be shy as I will take as many ideas as possible and formulate what the community wants in a collab such as this.

I will private message (PM) those ideas which I like and will work from that idea with you. You will be credited of course so don't worry about that.

View some of the previous years and point out what you like, what you don't, what should be where, how things could be different etc.

NDC: 2010, 2009, 2008.

Thanks ~JKA

Posted by JKAmovies - December 18th, 2010



Posted by JKAmovies - November 20th, 2010

After a long time of production, it is finally complete for viewing:
Go check out the third installment: NDC: 2010.

Over 50+ pieces of art, and continuous amount of talent, this year marks the best so far. Thanks to all that joined this year and hope you do also next. If you find any issues, leave me a PM and I'll fix it as soon as whenever.

In other news: I currently have 2 games on the way that should be done these holidays (if things don't get in the way that is). I am extremely eager to get some games completed, so am gonna go all-out and work non-stop these holidays and see what I can do.

Also... Will be looking around for sponsorship as those games come to a close, so am just wandering... Who is the best sponsor (ArmorGames, NG etc)...?

Enjoy ~JKA

Posted by JKAmovies - October 7th, 2010

Today, I officially turn 16 years of age :D

And, it sure has been an awesome birthday so far, I've got my Ls and can now drive, I am getting a laptop, got a bunch of $$$ and had an awesome lunch with the fam, and going to the movies with mates.

Waking up extremely early, anxious about the day, I wake up to see that a collab was made in honour of my birthday, this is by far the biggest and the most awesome surprise I've had in years. I'd like to especially thank jqb, CloudEater, Havegum, M-Vero and Peglay for making this collab.

It has been by far the best birthday I've had :3

Cheers NG for being awesome too ~ JKA

JKA Turns 16 :p

Posted by JKAmovies - August 15th, 2010

Do you think that 'Violent Video Games' influences children to be violent them-selves?

a). Hell No!
b). Sort of...
c). There is a connection.
d). Hellz Yeah it does.

I personally think it is a load but, others may think otherwise so - Comment your answer below and why you think so...


Violent Video Gaming.

Posted by JKAmovies - July 26th, 2010

I decided to join Twitter to keep everything and everyone (who cared) up-to-date with what was going on... Animation wise.

JKAanimation ~ I'll mostly be updating with collabs, games, movies etc here. Check it out to see a preview of NDC: 2010 too!