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Notepad Drawing Collab: 2010

Posted by JKAmovies - November 20th, 2010

After a long time of production, it is finally complete for viewing:
Go check out the third installment: NDC: 2010.

Over 50+ pieces of art, and continuous amount of talent, this year marks the best so far. Thanks to all that joined this year and hope you do also next. If you find any issues, leave me a PM and I'll fix it as soon as whenever.

In other news: I currently have 2 games on the way that should be done these holidays (if things don't get in the way that is). I am extremely eager to get some games completed, so am gonna go all-out and work non-stop these holidays and see what I can do.

Also... Will be looking around for sponsorship as those games come to a close, so am just wandering... Who is the best sponsor (ArmorGames, NG etc)...?

Enjoy ~JKA

Comments (12)

Hey, tu me passe le céleri?

Hey, you pass me the celery?

j'suis tu a bonne place moé


Woot, that was really good. Though more choices of music would have been nice

I was gunna add in more, but didn't want the file size to be too large. Thanks :)

What? Oh man I need to pay more attention to the BBS, maybe next year :|
Great collab btw :)

Thanks. NDC: 2011 will be held around the same time this one was this year ;)

Awesome! I will check it out now!


darn that secret medal... i will find it O.o

Btw... nice collab.... again :P


Haha! Thanks man, glad you liked it :3

What's with all that French-Canadianness?

I have no idea...

That secret medal took a while to find, was worth the effort though. :D

P.S: Your crowbar is rusty. <3

Crowbar... Rusty >.<

Thanks mate!

I really liekd how the collab looks, but the medals are really ahrd to find XD

Haha! thanks man.

You'll find em ;)

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Nah! I'll be alright.

Hey! Guess what I won't be participating in in 2011!? NDC.
Hey! Guess who doesn't give a shit!? You guys.
Hey! Guess what else!? I just wasted a little bit of time in your life that you'll never get back. Congratulations.

In all seriousness though, really looking forward to all the projects of yours that'll hopefully be a huge thrill to the community.

Don't say that D:

lol! thanks man, means a lot ;)


I read the author's comments, but it seemed like you were really trying to hide those buttons. If so, you did a great job.

Great collab though.

lol! I kinda was. thought it was a little inconspicuous :3

Thanks, glad you liked it ;)