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Yeah, it's true, we ride kangaroos in Australia... What of it?

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JKAmovies's News

Posted by JKAmovies - May 8th, 2010

I've done something similar to this before:

If someone offered you $6'000 in cash right where you are NOW, and gave you a limit of only 1 and a half hours to spend EVERY piece of that $6'000 he gave, buying at least 5 to 7 different objects no more (so no buying a car or something to easily spend the $6'000). And in doing so, you would receive another $10'000 on top (if you exceeded in spending that $6'000 within the time period).

BUT, if you failed that task, he would ask for at least $20'000 back to him and everything you already bought leaving you nothing.

Would you take on the mission? How would you spend that $6'000? What would you buy? How could you make it within 1 and a half hours (remember that the money is given where you are right now, so that includes traveling to shops, markets etc)?

IN OTHER NEWS! the Notepad Drawing Collab 2010 (NDC: 2010) is now due to end July 10th...
Here is a link to follow up on the specs and info for the collab (join if you want)~JKA

Posted by JKAmovies - March 27th, 2010

Your godamn PC has to be forced to be re-installed... Yeah, that's right:

My PC has encountered some serious problems, and has had to be forced a re-installment of my windows...

That means, I lost absolutely EVERYTHING. Including the NDC Collab.FLA file I have worked my ass off to complete (the collab will continue that is assured). But I am not in a very good mood anymore as I will have to recover months (even years) of work, not only with flash movies and games, but ALL my school assignments and files. I lost all my animations, artwork. EVERY damn thing, and I had no backup since I hadn't had a PC problem for at least 2 years.

This little shenanigan seriously came out of the blue... So listen to me when I say; BACK THAT SH*T UP!

Have a nice day ~JKA.

Posted by JKAmovies - February 6th, 2010

Yes. . . That's right, we have yet ran through another year and I think it's time to post the new Notepad Collab (NDC). . . I figured I'd post it earlier in the year and run it through to the end of it, this is so the collab can get a much better turnout and have many more people join than last time.

Follow the link to sign up and join:
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/11 43653

CaptainBen will once again back me up in the art forum and help choose who is in and who is not.

Thanks and have fun ~JKA.

Participants (so far):
These people are those few who have received a confirmation by at least one submission.

If your name seems to be missing and you know you've received an ok from either me or Captain-Ben, please message me about it and I'll fix it asap.

Notepad Drawing Collab: 2010.

Posted by JKAmovies - January 8th, 2010

Now that I've finally got the Marvel Collab out of my worry. . . It's onto the next couple games/movies that's ready for production. . .

First would be ZombieShoot. . . A defence game I started a couple months ago along with Kizza0. This will be released I'd say around March/April 2010 (just a guess).

Secondly would be a game I started a year ago and never cared or even went back to finishing it. . . I decided to pick it up, re-animate everything (now that I can actually decently animate) and clean up the levels/bosses etc. . . it's looking quite nice so far, no idea when I'll release it though, just one of those things that will gradually finish over time.

Number three. . . Is South Park Smash, a game I'm working on with Varnik Studios. Probably be released some time this year (I dunno exactly).

And Four is of course. . . The Notepad Drawing Collab: 2010 (NDC: 2010). This will be re-opened to all artists of the art/Collabs forum(s) to attend this February/March. It runs from Feb/March until around the middle of the year, and gets submitted around that same time. I hope to make this years NDC twice. . . even four times better than last years (check out the previous NDC).

Also. . . I'm part of the Go On Collab and have yet another game I started way back that I intend to complete (not sure if I'll complete it this year though) also have the NG Art forum Shmup game in the works as well as the Sketched series. It's gunna be quite a busy year.


The Big 2o10.

Posted by JKAmovies - November 9th, 2009

Posted by JKAmovies - October 19th, 2009

Coming Soon.

MARVEL Collab (Coming November 10 to 20th).

NInt3ndo Art Collab (Coming sometime in November ).

Zombie Shoot (Coming Soon).


JKAmovies Update. . .

Posted by JKAmovies - October 11th, 2009

Yes. . . I finally bought my very first Wacom Bamboo Tablet (picture at the bottom). It's a lot different from using a mouse, but it didn't take too long to get completely used to it, just got to practice drawing now.

Current projects:
MARVEL Collab (coming soon)
Nint3ndo Art Collab (In progress).
And a couple games (coming this year sometime). . .


Posted by JKAmovies - October 7th, 2009

It's my 15th birthday today, I sure did have a crazy day. . . Gunna go out this friday and buy my very own Wacom Tablet (hoping).

I dunno if NG has this whole birthday tradition where people make threads for NG artists. I had an offer but I'm not sure If I'm 'popular' or 'well-known' enough to get one. . . I don't even think 2% of NG knows the name JKAmovies. . . Oh well, hopefully you will soon enough :3

Anyway. . . I just wanted to let ya'll know. . . Catch ya on the flip side :D

P.S I'm wanting to make a flash game of a completely random extraordinary events of my birth-day that won't relate to anything. . . But will have random twists and fun just around the corner. . . If any coders wanna help me out, please PM me and I will give a little more info. . .


Posted by JKAmovies - September 26th, 2009

1. Have any of you NG users searched your own username(s) in google to see what pops up. . . I was surprised to find my games and some movies posted on random sites that I have never heard of before. . . I advise some of you to do the same and I think you'd be pleasantly surprised to find your work on lot's of sites that it shouldn't originally be posted on. . .

2. I recently played TomFulp's and Mindchamber'slatest flash game, 'Madness Accelerant' and was AMAZED to see what potential 2 people can create in just 30 days. I see that it incorporates many Madness movie features in the game. The code was amazingly well done as well as the art. (Thank you Tom for adding my madness art into the game, I really appreciate it).

Unfortunately. . . I was un-able to make anything for madness day, hopefully next year >:3

3. It's my birthday in a week and a half which is pretty awesome. . . I'm finally (hopefully) gunna receive a tablet. . . So I'm gunna celebrate by riding my bike for no reason :D

P.S anyone know any good branded tablets that you recommend me getting?


Posted by JKAmovies - September 15th, 2009

If you got given $5,000, what would you buy and why?

If you had. . .