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Nice :)

It is pretty nice, I feel the shading and line work could use some work though. But a apart from that, good job to your mate Austin :)

mock30 responds:

Thanks JKA Movies! I Love your work to!


Haha. . . I like the concept, gave me a bit of a chuckle. . .

But there's this question that always itches someone's back when they see something as mind blowing as this and everything else you've done . . . What art program do you use to draw all these fantastic pieces, I've always wanted to know :3

Anyway, yet again. . . 10/10*
and faved*

jouste responds:

hey jkamovies!

to answer your question i use sketchbook pro to lay down my lines (usually at 300 dpi to keep em clean). then i haul the image into photoshop for some quick and easy selection and mask coloring! after i do a fer shadow and highlight passes i tend too overlay some textures from cgtextures.com (i am a fan of the plaster selection).

hope that answers your question!

i really hope that helps! thanks so much for the high review and score! :D



Hehe. . . Cute :3

I like this particular style you've chosen as well, nice work^^

Tagger54 responds:

thank you very much, I appreciate the comment!


That looks amazing :D

Especially love the style :)

lenkalamari responds:

thanks dude!


I don't see much chalk drawings on the Art portal, it is interesting and could be a character in a Mario game or something relating to that kind of series. Although. . . It is very simple and could use some work. You could have added a background or more of the same character hanging around the page.


mock30 responds:

thank you. i do like chalk.

Nice. . .

Looks really good. . . But Reemus (I think it is) Looks a little like a pedo Luigi. . And the fact that his doing that hole finger pointing thing kinda makes it look worse =/ . . . But this is a great piece, the colours and shading look fantastic.

I hope this gets in as it'll make a great contribution to the calendar. . .

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

aw :(

Dayum. . .

I've never written anything on your art, because I'm pretty lazy sometimes when it comes to reviews, but your art is amazing.

You've got a very unique style, much different than many other artists (which is a good thing). This is a wonderful piece and is a very good idea. . . And let me say something. . . . . You're gunna get a spot in the calendar, NO ONE could turn this down :3

Anyway. . . Amazing work and that goes for everything you've done ;)

jouste responds:

wow thanks pal!

wicked words! and it's much appreciated that you reviewed my piece. i know how busy it gets. and to take the time to jot down what you think of my stuff is really great of you.

thanks for the vote of confidence! and for the comments on my style dude.



Very unique and abstract kind of art. The textures and detail are presented very well. The left tentacle looks a little out of place mind you, it just seems a little off from the rest of the image, but I may just be looking at it from a wrong view.

+5 Nice colour scheme.
+4 Nice textures.
Total +9

-1 Some of the piece seems a little out of place.
Total -1


~Josh 'JKAmovies'.

Homocidicle responds:

well thankies.
Also why do you do that "~ Josh 'JKA movies' " thing? They can see that you're JKA movies from your name. But I suppose everyone needs a form of advertisement.


Remind's me of the art from the game Yoshi's Island on the Gameboy/SNES Created by NINITENDO.

Nice Charcoal/pencil shading btw :D

EyeSeaThings responds:

Thanks man! But this is a pencil sketch painted over digitally in Painter 8.

Yeah, it's true, we ride kangaroos in Australia... What of it?

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