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. . .

Oh dear D:

Nice :)

It looks very well done, and the stippling looks great, I love the curled hill in the back, just those few problems with the face proportions could be improved.

Awesome work though~JKA.

Yet again. . .

you've amazed me with your painting skills. . . This looks very realistic compared to the actual Jemaine from he Conchords :3

Just one thing though.. . His ear seems too cartoony a part from the rest of the image. . .


Looks VERY realistic and I love how it's just black and white shades. . .

I feel that Borat looks a little odd though. . . His eyes and fore-head seem. . . Weird to me, a part from that, amazing work.

The hair on Bruno and Borat looks amazing by the way, the textures and shine are amazing.

Nice :)

It is pretty nice, I feel the shading and line work could use some work though. But a apart from that, good job to your mate Austin :)

mock30 responds:

Thanks JKA Movies! I Love your work to!


Haha. . . I like the concept, gave me a bit of a chuckle. . .

But there's this question that always itches someone's back when they see something as mind blowing as this and everything else you've done . . . What art program do you use to draw all these fantastic pieces, I've always wanted to know :3

Anyway, yet again. . . 10/10*
and faved*

jouste responds:

hey jkamovies!

to answer your question i use sketchbook pro to lay down my lines (usually at 300 dpi to keep em clean). then i haul the image into photoshop for some quick and easy selection and mask coloring! after i do a fer shadow and highlight passes i tend too overlay some textures from cgtextures.com (i am a fan of the plaster selection).

hope that answers your question!

i really hope that helps! thanks so much for the high review and score! :D



Hehe. . . Cute :3

I like this particular style you've chosen as well, nice work^^

Tagger54 responds:

thank you very much, I appreciate the comment!

Wow. . .

This is awesome. . . You make some of the best pixal art that I have seen in ages. . . Even better than most old generation console game 'O'



That looks amazing :D

Especially love the style :)

lenkalamari responds:

thanks dude!


I don't see much chalk drawings on the Art portal, it is interesting and could be a character in a Mario game or something relating to that kind of series. Although. . . It is very simple and could use some work. You could have added a background or more of the same character hanging around the page.


mock30 responds:

thank you. i do like chalk.

Yeah, it's true, we ride kangaroos in Australia... What of it?

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