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Only when they're already insane. Banning violent video games over the rare killers they "create" is like banning fire because of the existence of pyromaniacs.


For a school project on a persuasive essay detailing a point of view supporting the 'Violent Video games' argument.

However, I believe that the extreme 'hardcore' levels of competition have a great role to play in the manipulation of emotions that games have.

As a fact I used to buffer my thesis, I included a study detailing two separate gameplay tests. The audience was the same in age and gender, and the two games involved some sort of competition.

The first game was basically a casual timed puzzle game, whereas the other was a first person action game that involving players using an electric rod to shock their opponents. The 'electric rod' game produced heated outcomes, and the player would further attack the lifeless opponent even after winning, (Tea-bagging, perhaps?) whereas the casual game produced calmer reactions to the outcomes of the game.

In the end, it's not only the violence in games that fuel rage and aggressive behaviour, but also the heighten levels of competition and the audience involved. (I'm certain this test would have yielded differed results if there were two groups: adolescents and 25-35+ year olds.)

IMO, I get pissed at the games either way. :P

That's like saying: Someone watching a horror film will reach a higher heat rate than someone watching a romance film, it's obvious as of why. it proves nothing more than what their heat level is... Doesn't prove they're gonna leave angry with a mind to kill.

If you got two children, one to play a hearty game of baseball and one to play a game of chess... Whose heat/heart level will reach higher?

The kid playing baseball, because it's fast passed and gets them thinking and reacting. Chess is a slow processing game keeping the child calmer (much like a puzzler would).


When you ask if video games "influence" violent behavior, I have to say yes. The word "influence" means, to make a suggestion or to set an example of. Children need examples of acceptable and unacceptable behavior, so they can learn and grow as people. So if exposed at a young age to a video game that encourages violence, then of course the child will learn that violent behavior is acceptable.

And here is some advice to the lazy parents who purchase or rent these violent games for the kids. READ THE BACK OF THE VIDEO GAME CASE!!!!!

Yes true, there is a connection, but I think it is primarily on the child's point of view to make him/herself violent, not the game.

Some children will see that getting that head-shot will be what should be happening in real life, apposed to those who do not take it in, even to the slightest.

This is compleat bollocks. Do people who played pacman run around a dark room eating pills being chased by ghosts? This is just bad parents looking for something other than themselves to blame for there fucked up kids.

Haha XD

I was going to leave this thread alone but LinaInverseFan made it clear that people still don't have any respect for children.

For anyone to claim that their child or anyone else's child does not know the difference between video game violence and real violence is to disrespect and misunderstand children. How easily it is to sit down and ask your child "can you tell the difference?" is an example of how lazy and out of touch with their children adults really are because this kind of thing doesn't happen. Instead, these unfounded arguments and wackjob scientific tests that conclude nothing brainwash adults into thinking it's "common sense" that playing violent video games leads to violent behavior.

And yet school sports teams, like baseball, football, and soccer, where children are lobbing balls at each other at high speeds, falling, colliding, and breaking limbs are a necessary part of a child's youth and growth.

Oh it's so obvious that violent video games lead to violent behavior, which is why us violent video game fans turn into animators and game designers and post on internet forums. We're so violent and evil. Hell I go on a shooting rampage daily just to get my violent fix. I mean, in a virtual world that is. You know, the one where no one ever gets physically hurt. Ever.

Very good point ego!

A video game can never 'make' someone do something. I'm pretty sure I've never wanted to take a gun to school and shoot-out the whole place after playing COD.

ohbombuh has a point there.

But I would say a.) Hell No!

Only if youre psychic labil.. ( if its called like that in english )

Let us play violent games asz much as we want. >:(

I agree... The only slightest chance of a violent game 'making' a child violent is if he/she has some kind of mentally psychotic mind to want to kill someone and find a hooker for the night (Just like in GTA).

Yeah, no it's videogames that make our children violent. It's much better for their development to take them to church and teach them that gays and people of other religions are inferior and hell-bound. We should warn them about how all white people are racists and want to arrest you for no reason, and about how every person's behavior is predictable by their skin color. Good wholesome family values like those don't bring dissension among children at all!

Blaming violence on violent videogames is about the equivalent of blaming gangrene on Kermit. If your kids are dumb enough to imitate GTA in real life, then you've failed as a parent for not properly teaching them the difference between fiction and reality.

If people aren't able to make a difference between reality and virtual things, it's not the games, movies or series that make them violent. It's their stupidity.


In my personal opinion, it all depends on the person who plays the games.

Let's say that we have 2 people playing MW2. One person is a normal 10 year old kid with no diseases, disorders, etc. The other is a criminally insane 25 year old man. It's my belief that playing MW2 will have little to no effect on the 10 year old kid while the 25 year old will likely misinterpret fiction and reality and take the things he's seen in this game and take it with him. Basically, the example I laid out says that age doesn't mean anything when it comes to the influence of violent videogames. Any numbskull with some form of insanity could take notes from this game and demonstrate such acts in real life. Age doesn't matter in the least on how we determine if violent videogames have an influence. In any case, it's the state of mind a person is in that should make people worried.

If you want my honest opinion on violent videogames, there's no reason to ban them due to their "influence on children." Like ohbombuh said, "banning violent video games over the rare killers they 'create' is like banning fire because of the existence of pyromaniacs." Determining such things take simple logic on the likely causes of murders. As far as I can remember, the only videogame-related murder I've ever heard of or remembered is the homocide of people at Virginia Tech a few years ago. And there's not even an actual link that videogames were the reason.

The point is that a videogame's influence doesn't mean anything based on age. It's all based on the state of mind of that person. Very few murders of any kind came from videogames so banning them would be a waste of time. If you're going to ban anything based on murder, ban something that causes a higher percentage of murders. I hope this post has shed some light on things, and I hope that people make the right choice in this matter.


I completely agree... That's pretty much my argument exactly. Thanks for the comment ;)

I think that if a kid is turned completely psychotic by a video game, the kid probably has more problems than just video games. Maybe underlying mental or emotional issues. Stuff like that.

I like to keep my theory that the "Gamers-turned-killers" kids play video games because of their violent nature, rather than they have a violent nature because they play video games. (not to say that gamers are inherently violent)

That actually makes a lot of sense... Very good point.

Hmm. A

b. that kid just has problems though XD

True dat :3

there could be a connection, but a rly tiny tiny tiny one, rly small one...

Extremely small one, almost significant :3

A most of the time but if there parents ignore there kids and they play lots of games it's a c or maybe if it's bad d ( bum bum bummmm )

i would think a) because what makes a child violent is involving either frustration or family problems